Monday, July 23, 2012

Wiggins VS Froome TT Position

From @Cycletard

So what’s the difference between these two guys? No, it’s not just the 1:16 difference. They both have Osymetric rings. Almost same rigs. Same helmets. Same skin suites. It isn't the aero booties. Here's the clue...Look at their backs. Froome, on the right (if your head has been in the sand for the past 3 weeks), has a rounded back, he looks totally crunched up, compressed, about as aero as a cannonball…if anyone needs an ISM seat, it’s him. 

His pelvis is locked in an upright position and his pelvis/hips don’t give his spine any slack, so he has to bend his spine out of the neutral position to compensate. Maybe he also has a thoracic curvature that’s contributing and/or wicked short hamstrings, but man, he’s got to work on achieving a more neutral position with his spine.

Froome is less aero than he could be, his hip extensors are inhibited by his flexed spine and his breathing potential is limited. Plus the struggle to stay in that position, sure you get use to it, but there is a cost…all I can say is that there’s TONS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT…which is scary.  

Wiggins, on the other hand, looks totally relaxed, stretched out, long and low, with as close to a neutral spine as is practical. Look how flat is back is!  His hip mobility is awesome, plus he must have some great thoracic structure. His effort looked effortless because he wasn’t struggling with his position.

Guess who uses their hip-extensors better? Guess who can use their diaphragm better?  Obviously Wiggins…BUT…Guess who can IMPROVE more? That’s what I like to do for everyone I work with. If you settle for just a “fit”, you are selling yourself way short…Especially if you are serious about performance.

As you can see, a “fit” isn’t enough, nor is a trip to the wind-tunnel. That’s why I don’t just do fits. The Corrective Bike Fit is about restoring structural and functional symmetry to optimize the bio-mechanics of cycling. You need someone with the background and experience to see and show you these things. Froome will need some time to improve his position, but that’s all he needs. It’s not like someone like me, who needs to drop 15 lbs and gain 150 watts…and get 20 years younger!