Thursday, November 18, 2010

NOW is the Time to Change Your Position

After a long race season, most of us are still focusing on recovery while simultaneously making plans for 2011. Unless, of course, you plan to be at Country Walk next Thursday...after all, it is the world championships of South Florida.

Regardless, NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!! is the time to deal with issues you may have had, over the course of last season, related to your position on the bike. Not 3 weeks before your first ever Ironman...ok? NOW!!! Same goes with 3 days before State Road Race...yes, I get this EVERY year. 

It's not that I mind. The sooner the better. It's just that, THIS is the time of the year, when you are/should be, going easy. NOW it is much easier for your body to ADAPT to a new position. 

Even more importantly, which relates to the way the Corrective Bike Fit restores symmetry to your is much easier for your body to learn how to function optimally on the bike. 

It's not a simple matter of changing your saddle height, and off you go. Developing proper pedaling mechanics requires in most cases, several weeks of Corrective Stroke Drills. These Drills are designed specifically for the way you compensated for a Structural Abnormality related to the spine, pelvis or anatomical leg length...things you can ONLY see with Structural X-rays.

Think of the Corrective Stroke Drills as an eraser. You use them to erase bad-form, so you can lean good-form.

Corrective Stroke Drills don't only help prevent injury. I recommend them for the treatment of most of the SECONDARY conditions that are so common in cycling such as: low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc...

So, PLEASE, if you have an issue, and you are thinking about changing your position on the bike...take advantage of this window of opportunity.